• Dark Grey PBT

    Laser Printed PBT

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    Laser printed PBT keycaps

    Legends are laser-cut at the same time that ink is introduced on laser printed keycaps. This causes the legend to be permanently bonded to the plastic material surface of the keycap. Laser-printed legends can be mildly felt as the user types.

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    16 extra colorful keycaps

    colorful the keybaord!

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    pbt keycaps

    Keycaps made of PBT plastic (Polybutylene Terephthalate)

    • Can Survive up to 150*C
    • Resistant to solvents
    • Mechanically Strong
    • Do not "shine" as fast as ABS keycaps



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    dark grey pbt keycap set


    SKU : CK-120PBT-DG